Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Packing My Material Girl Away

This week I am on "vacation" from my job, but actually I am packing the flat up for Moving in 3 weeks.  It will be here before I know it, so I am taking advantage of being off so I can dedicated some good time to it. A few months ago we had a yard sale to clear away a bunch on unnecessary things that I just don't need,  and now I am doing the same.  Purge, purge, purge.  It amazes me as I pack all the things we have acquire that most in this world will never know.  Clothes, toys, blankets, movies, books, the amount of toys my children have is amazing to me. 

I make it a point to teach my girls the importance of giving to charity, how there are so many that don't have nearly what we have in material possessions, much less food to eat or clothes to wear.  So about every 6 months we go through all the toys and anything that she and her sisters have gotten too old for, or have too many of, goes to the local charity.  Between birthdays, Christmas, and other odds and ends my girls certainly get enough treats and special things that the rotation is never ending.  Anything that doesn't go to charity goes to friends who have younger girls in their families.  And books and puzzles are evenly distributed among all.

We took 3 truckloads of stuff ( we have an SUV) to the local charity 2 months ago.  and tomorrow I will be loading it up again.  I gave away all our old cribs, car seats, breast pump, kid carriers, and strollers to other friends over the summer as David and I wont be having anymore,  Why do we need that cluttering up our basement when someone else can benefit from it? 

So here I am again,  packing, and cleaning, and separating.  Charity, Recycle, Garbage, Pass On, or Pack.  I am hoping that when the movers show up in 3 weeks,  it only takes half of the time they estimated for my move.  I am hoping this because I plan on cutting out all non essential things from my life.  So If I hand you something.  It's because I know you can benefit from it more than myself.


  1. I am finally getting the energy to clean and I have really started purging. My Valentina is staying with Cindy until Saturday and I am cleaning non stop at home. I plan to get rid of so much that Valya will not even recognize her room. I am done with clutter, if I ever expect to fix myself emotionally, I will need to de clutter my life. The sooner the better!

    Good luck on your purging, I love the feeling;)

    1. Absolutely! It is liberating really to cleanse our stuff while cleansing our souls! Good luck! Let me know how it goes!!